Staff Directory

Msgr. Agustin "Father Gus" Gialogo


(209) 931-0639


Msgr. Richard J. Ryan, J.C.D.

Vicar General, In Residence

(209) 931-0639


Deacon Allen Moznett

Deacon, Retired

(209) 365-1711


Deacon Edward Formosa

Deacon/Business Manager

(209) 478-7067

Please contact Deacon Ed for facility rental information

Sister Angelamaria De Leo

Director of Religious Education

(209) 931-2696

Please access the Faith Formation page to see the calendar of events for Catechism. 

Vesinia Guttenbeil 

Parish Secretary

(209) 931-0639


Ron Schall




Edward Valenzuela



Marleny Lua


209 931 0639

All bulletin submissions must be made prior to 5 pm on the Tuesday prior to the week you wish to publish. After Pastor approval and if there is suffiecient room, you will be considered for printing. 

Patti Saldana


209 931-3128