Light Weigh One King

Light Weigh

Light Weigh is an inexpensive diet/bible study program. The program consists of a study book and videos of the author(teacher). The members of the group provide support for each other as they grow in faith but shrink their waist lines.

New Orientation:

God has the answers for our weight, food struggle and all temptations! Light Weigh One King is starting at St. Michaels on October 9, 2017. Monday mornings at 10:00 am in Luchetti Ministry Center Rooms 7/8. 

This is a 12 week Catholic Bible Study DVD program recommended by priests, doctors, nurses & Prevention Magazine for weight-loss and health. There are no weigh-ins. If you are interested in joining the St. Michaels group, call Rosie at 510-376-5961 to order your program materials and join this life changing program!