Theology of the Body

Theology Of The Body

An Introduction to Theology of the Body

Wednesday Nights in Lucchetti Ministry Center, Room 9 at 6:30 pm

by Christopher West

An Introduction to the Theology of the Body: Discovering the Master Plan for Your Life is an eight-part, four-hour study designed to give you a solid understanding of God’s plan for humanity. It addresses the two most fundamental and universal questions:

What does it mean to be made human, male and female, in the image
and likeness of God?

How can I live my life in a way that brings happiness and fulfillment?

This study is for every “body” who desires to reach his/her full potential in this life. For group or private study.


Moving Beyond the Sexual Revolution...

It has helped me with my role as a father, my role as a husband, my role at work, as a son to my parents and everything.  --Scott M.

If this study was being done at every parish it could help change the Church because people would realize that their ultimate longing is actually the love that they can only achieve through God. Christopher West is witty, holy, humble. He makes it very practical.  --Nancy F.


In this study you will:

Learn why the redemption of our sexuality is the key to happiness.

Develop a "new lens" through which to see the world with greater clarity.

See how God’s mystery is revealed through the body and spousal love.

Discover the truth behind the lies of lust and pornography and how they can be overcome.

Learn the language of sexual love.

...and much more.